Who we are

The Historical Horizon was founded in 2023 as an educational project focused on the discipline of History, aimed at providing historical knowledge through an innovative and accessible approach for everyone. Furthermore, the Historical Horizon’s commitment to accessibility is reflected in its inclusive approach. The project offers free educational resources, ensuring that historical knowledge is not a privilege but a universal right.

Looking to the future, we are committed to continuously evolving and adapting to the constantly changing needs of the educational community. Through ongoing innovation, strategic partnerships, and a solid commitment to accessibility and diversity, the Historical Horizon remains at the forefront of history education, inspiring a deeper appreciation of the past and empowering future generations with the knowledge needed to shape the future.

Our Commitment

As the sole owner and editor of this website, I seek to provide accurate and engaging historical information. I rely on the support and collaboration of enthusiasts and readers passionate about the study of history to continuously improve this educational space.

Together, as a community dedicated to historical learning, we can build a lasting legacy that transcends the internet, positively influencing the collective understanding of history.

Our Mission

Carlos César, passionate about history, avid reader, and front-end programmer.

Our mission is to make History accessible to everyone by providing educational resources that inspire interest and learning in this field, contributing to the professional growth of individuals.


I’m available for direct contact for any questions, suggestions, or collaborations. Together, we can make Horizon of History a rich source of knowledge.